Annual Maintenance Contract

Poolxperts always strives to ensure a clean, hygienic and clear swimming pool for clients. To achieve the target, we utilize our expertise of making a proper chemical balance in the pool and taking out all the existing dirt, filth and muck. The entire process is done systematically with great care and commitment to reach to the intended target.   

All this work is done under Annual Maintenance Contract where a systematic, methodical and stretched-out method is involved. Our task does not restrict only to managing the level of chemicals in the pool, it goes way beyond. Our experienced team frequently tests the pool water to discern the required solutions.

Similarly, we use proper filtration system and management of water circulation under the maintenance task. Furthermore, the task involves array of important activities, including surface brushing, surface cleaning, pool vacuuming and filter cleaning. 

We have high level of technical skills to undertake these maintenance tasks. Our expertise is not restricted by the shape, size and water volume of the pool. We have a special price for annual maintenance.